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Hi! I'm Lisa (Moseley-by-marriage). Thanks for visiting my site.


I've been creating designs for as long as I can remember... all the way back to elementary school I was making posters for chinese auctions, programs for school plays and drawing on the walls (although I took to gluing paper on it so it wasn't 'technically' on the wall).


I relocated this Yankee-girl down south after college but feel like both are home to me.


In 2005 I volunteered to help a local charity with event advertising and invitations and birthed LW Designs. In 2007 I married my own southern gentleman, moved my 'W' to the middle, and settled far from my city roots to our cozy suburban home with one spoiled rotten pup.


I believe in family and friends; prayer and hardwork; and that everyday can be a party; in volunteering, taking naps and dancing like no one is watching.


I love being busy and believe that glitter makes everything better!

Custom designing life with a splash of city style and a touch of southern charm.


Love and Best Wishes!

Lisa W. Moseley


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